G237: Graphic Math & Science

I don't begin to understand this video, but it is deliciously complex in our world of simplistic nonsense. My intellect, my spirit yearns to be fed and stimulated.

(This video can be found on the site here.)
My thanks to Quixote at Shakesville.


Rosa said...

I just wanted to let you know I got all of Delores Hayden's books at our library on Thursday. So far I've just looked at the pictures - I'm reading Redesigning the American Dream today. I wish I had run into this on any of the cohousing reading lists.

Also I got to explain what utopian architecture is to my coworker.

katecontinued said...

Oh this excites me. Do keep me posted on what you think. You know, are they too academic or architectural. Sometimes I gag at architectural points of veiw. There is something so self-important about the field (I blame the university training - it is so 19th century.