Be Still My Heart

Here are my new garden windows. These were delivered last Friday. (That's my neighbor's place in the background. He too is doing rehab work adding a room). I actually was thrilled even though I have been at this project since April, the windows are oversized from my design and the finish is *shudder* white vinyl. It will be fantastic to have dual panes, abundant light and a wonderful growing space. Be still my heart. In my world of 270 something square feet - this is like an added room.
On Friday the workmen (grunt workers without any authority or volition outside of the supervisor's direction) arrived and waited. I was at the school and my son tried to let them know they could begin. Another hour and then the supervisor appeared. Then another wait and the GC came, measured, talked and went to get the windows.
I purposely found a contractor who would work with me to essentially put a square peg in a round hole. At least a half dozen times since last summer he and I had conversations and he measured the damn trailer. I could have made my life simpler had I drawn a plan, elevation and some section details to illustrate squared off framing needed for the rounded roof to accommodate the window. But, these guys work on million dollar homes and know what they are doing. I think some of the stumbling, stuttering self-consciousness is due to me watching every step of the way. Whatever.

The thing is they started too late in the day. They had to put plywood up to close the newly made opening. And, they won't be back until Tuesday because it's the super's birthday. Gotta' love it. Thank goodness we are having deliciously wonderful weather. I just need to relax and go with the flow. Eventually it will all come together.

Post Script: While this was going on I checked my mail. I got a thick envelope filled with IRS notifications (read: lien threats) because I owe $80 from 2006 - with interest it's $110. Fuckers. How stupid is this? I live on no income for years and the moment I have my first social security check the ringwraiths come for me. And Dick Cheyney isn't jailed for all that he owes the IRS or has robbed the government blind. (I just chose him as the poster boy for the 1% at the top who have plundered the nation without any consequences.)


Anonymous said...

those windows will be wonderful! i'm really enjoying your photos of your home renovation process over time. sorry to hear about the IRS. they sent us a followup letter last year for the first time ever too. we had to round up additional documentation for a deduction we'd claimed for the last 15 years. they may be shorter staffed but they seem to be determined to dig deeper. too bad the pockets they're digging into are so pathetically meager.

katecontinued said...

My neighbor is being handed fits over $5K. Sheesh. And I read about IRS guys in suits visiting a carwash owner for 4 cents!