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I like the David Reports. There is a new report out, questioning quite powerfully the role of design, asking for a focus on life cycle instead of lifestyle.

"Let’s face it; design is now a major source of pollution, as process and a phenomenon, design has degenerated into a state of aesthetic proliferation that has reached accumulative and destructive levels, in terms of loss of meaning, value, and identity."

This is from Thriving Too and I really good thing to cogitate upon with a lifelong friend. Yea, I get to do that with a friend arriving in an hour or so. I have known her almost 44 years! A dialog about life cycle versus lifestyle with a lifelong friend - who leads a very different life than I.

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daharja said...

This relates very much to what Annie Lenard says in The Story of Stuff about planned obsolescence.

Makes you feel sick, if you're someone who cherishes value and skillful workmanship like I do.

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