One Window is Up.

I had this picture at hand to show the contractor what the structure looked like below the drywall. This is a shot from my original remodel 5 years ago this month. But, I took off this morning for the school and the men pulled off all the drywall anyway to expose the structure. As it turns out, these guys want to seriously beef up the structure inside, outside and around the window's frame. Well, okay. It is probably a smart idea because the trains that run all day and night do some real earth shaking to my little home. And the home's construction is most comparable to a tin can.

It is slow going. Here are some shots of the partially installed side window. Tomorrow will mean the 6' wide back window I hope.

Lately I have grown really impatient with the men I've been working with who fuss endlessly with minor details. It feels more OCD than simply doing quality work. This is true at the school and at home.

6 comments: said...

I love love these types of windows! I'm so jealous!!! Congratulations my friend!


shawn said...

Kate, you will really enjoy your new windows. It is amazing what a difference they make. I live very much the same as you so finding your blog has been a real plus for me. I had a three section window put in my little home about 6 months ago.It is probably to large for the wall it is on but I don't care. I like it. After seeing your window now I want a garden window in my bedroom

Anonymous said...

Viralnurse - I knew you'd like them.

Welcome Shawn. You might want to take a look at a bunch of my 2008 posts. I shared a great deal more about my little home that first year of this blog. I'll continue to photograph all of these structural extras the carpenter adds for support. So, you'll have a reference for your bedroom area.

katecontinued said...

How goofy is that? I just marked my own comment on my own blog as anonymous. I don't think I'm awake yet.

Rosa said...

This is so cool. I noticed today that one of our neighbors has one of those windows :)

I never knew before I started reading your blog that trailer houses *could* be remodeled. People seem to just live in them til they fall apart and then junk them, around here.

katecontinued said...

Part of why my rehab project took so many months was that inspectors, supervisors and other officials kept telling me what could not be done or approved. It is a throwaway culture. Also, one supervisor (who died!) insisted that the windows must be like kind. Even though the old fashioned jalousie windows of a trailer can't be found, this was interpreted as the cheap Home Depot sliders. Uh, no.

The GC was clear from the onset what I wanted and that I'd rather not have new windows if they were only able to put in inferior crap. And as I have said (or intimated) in these rehab posts, construction supervisor often looks / sounds so anguished when they have to stop and think or plan.

I confronted this whining attitude the other day by saying to the guy, "You know that when you finish you will be so proud of your work and you'll be bragging about it for years."

P.S. I just found jalousie windows made by Milgard online. Yet another example of lazy. If something isn't available at Home Depot - it doesn't exist.