Death of Our Young

In two weeks I'll be remembering my daughter, Angel. March 27th would have been her 40th birthday. A terrible waste. She shot herself and I will never know the tipping point, the trigger within her teenage angst that caused her to end her life.

I think of Angel when I think of the US military attacks on nations in the Middle East, Iraq, Aphganistan, Pakistan and all the dead infants, children and teens. This includes the loss of young American lives too. I think of Angela when I see the earnest young fighters and farmers - mouning parents in Gaza. And the dead around the world because of our country's military, economic and corporate interests. I grieve for the dead, for the young lives wasted and destroyed. Dick Cheyney lives and that is all kinds of wrong.

Tonight the following tribute to the growing numbers of dead in Chicago moved me to tears. Oh, and it is in part because this very theme moved my Angela like no other. The racism in the United States is our national shame.


Anonymous said...

of course, the nasturtium by the front door has just begun blooming again...

and i don't have words for that video, it just breaks my heart, all over again.

and about DC, didn't he recently come out of the hospital again after yet one more heart event? seems like he did because i recall saying to c, "and once again, even more evidence there is no justice in the world.." and then i left the room because i really can't cope with even his name any more let alone his face or the reminder that his particular kind of "power" is still at work in the world.

katecontinued said...

How wonderful you remember the nasturtium story.

Yes, we are in complete accord about this sorry waste of flesh. said...

Very profound video, truly speaks volumes. Thanks for finding and posting this.