More money demands . . . and other stressors

So, I will have to pay $800 out of my pocket because the job took longer than the GC bid. Fuck.

The part that is galling is the attitude that I should consider myself so damn fortunate - like it has been a goodwill mission. Double Fuck. Go buy yourself a cookie. The plants in the window last night were from my neighbor's collection. Here I thought he'd bought them. They left Windex and paper towels along with a layer of dust everywhere. That can all go with them when they leave.  I'd told the GC last fall I had figured out how to move everything and drape a barrier. He assured me they would put up visqueen. Didn't happen. Today they are putting up drywall. Maybe they'll get it taped and mudded. Or not. I'd rather they'd just wrap up, clean up and go - so I don't have to pay for it. I do need them to finish the outside flashing and finish work at the windows' edges. No leaks permissable.

Lots of things pushing my buttons today. PTA president, parents and the 5th and 6th graders I planted with all morning. I am shit with the kids. My heart is not in the actual hands on, face to face aspect of what I do at the school. I do it with a sense of humor and low stress, but I don't feel the burning mission. A few really connect, many others don't. Let's face it. Many, many kids don't have a clue what the garden experience can bring - tangible or intangible. I want to do planning, documentation rather than volunteer recruitment or working with the kids. Doesn't help that there are only 3 or 4 of us for any and all projects. And I am the only one without work or kid conflicts. Guess what that means? Bingo.

Just to remind myself, the following text was taken from the Edible Schoolyard (our template) and we used it in the proposal and in campus signage here.  Click to embiggen.


shawn said...

I am horrified how much you are being charged for your windows. Thank goodness it isn't like that here in Oklahoma because with my meager little less than $500 a month income I would be up a creek without a paddle so to speak. There wouldn't be any improvements done. How some people can live with themselves is beyond me. The windows will bring so much pleasure to you though. I am just sorry that the process of getting them is such an ordeal....

katecontinued said...

Shawn, my biggest challenge is that I expect a great deal. I wouldn't settle for sliders, so I am having to deal with the my own audaciousness of envisioning a non-ubiquitous solution for broken down windows. I dreamed big and am just tired of the process.

Don't feel bad for me. My low income life in a trailer park threw me into a category of assistance within my city. They had a fund and invited residents in the 11 motor home parks to participate. I got a $5K grant that I don't have to pay off.

shawn said...

Well I see now that I am going to have to break out the dictionary if I plan on communicating with
The grant sounds just to cool. That sort of thing is just what I would expect of California. I lived out there around 1970. Took college classes free and also learned auto upholstery and dog grooming at no cost. Is the grant part of Obama's stimulus or a California funded program. Whatever, I am glad you are able to benefit.
So what are your plans for your windows.Herbs maybe.....

katecontinued said...

California is no longer what it was in the 70's but there are still a few programs for the public good that haven't been eliminated or starved.

I'm not sure just what I am going to do with my windows. My first task will be sanding the drywall and repainting. Then I must redesign my kitchen and kitchen counter to accommodate the lower level of the window edges.

My first priority is to have some base of plants in the large window and dry my dishes over them - to capture water.

I also have a ton of food to store. What can withstand light will be allowed in this zone. Some flowering things might be a nice change for me, but I will definitely try some food. I'm not that herb crazy, but a few will do.

I just realized I haven't gotten that far in my thinking. I do know I'm not going to treat it like a display case for indoor plants. Way too jujune. (I just included that to make sure you have your dictionary at hand.

katecontinued said...

I mean jejune. Spelling errors haunt me. Ha.