B13: Batshit Crazy

Tom Cruise is poster boy in this American world of movie star fixation the#1 batshit crazy dude. This Scientology video hit the internets today & I found it through William K. Wolfrum at Shakesville. In the words of Gawker, the couch episode on Oparah was an 8 - this is a 10. I didn't understand the various instructions for how to view this video if it is removed. But, you might just visit Shakesville if this version gets removed, or try this link. These Scientology folks are relentless and vigilant - in a legal way. Remind me to tell you all of my experience with cults.

BTW if you like, I have done a screen capture of the request at the end of this video. If you are like me, it is a trick to get the information written down in the time allotted.