Step Three – the look . . .

This goes back to the floor plan I showed yesterday. The first step in making that plan was making a study of the main functions in my life. If I could provide for the all of my life activities I would feel the plan was successful.

I admit that it isn’t just measurable make-a-(green) plan items I care to share. I want to write about and to photograph the colorful, the whimsical and the other aesthetic aspects of my environment that only an image can capture.
See, the conventional wisdom has it that cutting back, minimal and limits are negative.

My argument is that more is not necessarily better. In design, the really masterful solutions can be found within constraint and limitation.

For me it is akin to a fine sauce in the culinary world made from a reduction. The essence of something may be far superior to the large mass from which it came.

What can I say, I think I succeeded. No, I know that I did. My home still makes me smile even as I contemplate a myriad of projects and refinements and completion of a bunch of tasks I started.