C19: Comedy Parody

This is a follow-up to last week's Batshit Crazy video of Scientology Prince Tom Cruise. It is pretty frightening that the Scientology crew has the kind of relentless dedication to remove that video wherever it appeared - or so it seems.
Huffington Post send up this today. Lovable actor Jerry O'Connell ("Carpoolers," Rebecca Romijn and "Stand By Me") did a spoof of Tom Cruise's Scientology video.

I am a little partial to this actor. When my son was newly enrolled in the High School for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, he was invited to appear on a Saturday morning teen program. The format was a bunch of young aspiring actors interviewing Jerry O'Connell. Though not much older than his interviewers, Jerry was ariculate, warm, funny and respectful of all of these awkward, self conscious teens. It was a thrilling experience for my son and it sticks in my memory as a real gift. He has Cruise's laugh down.