C15: Challenges = Good Clean Fun

I made the point yesterday that within the blogosphere we
borrow from each other. Last week I borrowed videos from several places when my schedule got turned around. But I want to write about one of the things that seems to be spreading. And that is the playfulness of environmental challenges within this sustainability blogosphere.

First I refer back to my Crunchy Chicken post
about freezing our butts off. This challenge was my first since I started blogging in November. Within that post I highlighted a bunch of her really engaging challenges. I missed many of the early ones. The latest one is to cut waste. Now I like the idea of no waste, but the hook is too closely linked to the same old jazz about weight loss that women had to tolerate for too long. Not Fun. I won’t get behind this one.No matter what, Crunchy is the undisputed queen of rallying the energy around challenges that are fun and no small struggle to take on in this culture that demands relentless happy.

Chile Chews had a Re-think It Challenge last week. Now this speaks to my favorite thing – repurposing items. I thought of half a dozen projects I want to do, though they won’t happen this week. I find that Chile and I are kindred spirits as far as this goes.

This Australian blogger's challenge is one I stumbled upon and it gave me the idea to list the ones I am aware of or have accepted the challenge.

This one seems a bit vague from my point of view, so I don’t think I will participate. In truth I think it is just that I feel my plate is full, rather than any real criticism of the challenge.

The dramatic new challenge from the Path of Freedom family is the 100 foot diet. I begin with the notion of my weekly trip across the street to the Farmer’s Market. I will blog each Wednesday on the new local, seasonal foods I am finding there. I want to be a part of this home grown in my yard intent, but I am quite a ways from my own spring garden planting. Last year was my first attempt with my garden and I intended to keep it going through the winter. Didn’t happen.

Here is another blog that stresses eating locally. It is a real challenge to people who live in the cold, dark north. I am one fortunate woman and I know it. Living in Southern California is a real boon for eating locally. I found this one on the blog Elements in Time, a convergence of many like minded people it seems. They too are hosting a challenge to encourage gardeners to try new foods and push beyond the boundaries in individual ways.

Riot for Austerity is a challenge I haven’t signed on to do. Having said that, I am trying to do in privately. The guidelines are something I strive to do. I spoke about the criteria in my opening Step One - priority baselines to prepare for my year.

What is it about these arbitrary constructs that help us take on these life changes? And while I am on this theme let me just complain that the graphics challenge today has bested me. Maybe I will come back another day and place the banners a bit better. In the meantime, my point stands. These different methods used by these bloggers help put some spirit into what could be considered overly serious, daunting days. As MLK said, keep hope alive.