D28: Divorce your phone carrier

I chose recently to return after some years to Credo (formerly Working Assets) for both mobile and long distance. I agree with these reasons compiled by Mary at Pacific Views why she really likes them (from their latest email):
What your phone company does...
CREDO Mobile
to spy on you:We donate to the ACLU to STOP wiretapping.Known to have cooperated with the Bush administration's warrantless spying on American citizens.
with the money you pay them:We donate over $50 million to progressive nonprofits, including the ACLU.Contributes more money to political campaigns than almost any other company — mostly to Republicans.Spends $90 million on lobbying — more than Phillip Morris or Exxon.
for the environment:We're America's greenest phone company — and the only one to offer solar chargers.Think of the worst polluters in elected office. That's where their money goes.
for your freedom of speech:We support First Amendment heroes like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Democracy Now.Censored Pearl Jam's Bush criticism during a concert webcast.Blocked text messages from NARAL Pro-Choice America (until forced to allow them).
for a free
and open internet:
We support nonprofit groups that advocate for internet freedom.Preparing to abandon the neutral net and start filtering content.Called for an end to Google's "free lunch" and tries to drive users to its own search engine.

What a great ad.

BTW: if you are tired of your phone company, you can check out Credo's special offer here.