F37: Feminist Chronicling

Melissa McEwan at Shakesville has done a fantastic job of shining a bright journalist light calling out incidents of misogynistic attacks on Hilllary Clinton. In case one has been drinking the American Infotainment coverage of the Presidential Campaign, the misogynistic assault has been clear.

But, don’t take my word for this. Go and read Melissa post wherein she provides the 62 links to posts at Shakesville alone since September. I for one will be reading every single one of these.

I feel the fire within, I am enraged. I have disagreed with Hillary Clinton’s political issues, strategy and voting record for five years. Yet I am a huge fan of this courageous woman’s handling of the hate and prejudice she has been flooded with for years and particularly this last year. Let me repeat. That's 62 posts, just since September from one blog covering only a portion of news sources.

How fantastic is it that the Grrlpower of the Blogosphere is there for women of this country. We are abandoned by the pResident’s minions, the press and by our congress critters.

I am happy to see in the comments at Shakesville, that bloggers are linking.

For me, this theme of respect for women as human beings is the keystone in the sustainability movement. It is essential to condemn misogyny.

Update 2/14: This is NOT an endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. It is a condemnation of misogyny.