F42: Finished!

I am so happy that I finally got my project done. Early in January I wrote about this Art Project that made me think of Tesseract. Yes, the reference is pretty esoteric, but it is a sort of memory reference.
Right after I started it, Chile Chews had a Re-think It Challenge and I felt this project was a perfect example.

I also wrote about my friends loaning me the air compressor in my Borrow and Barter post to help put all the blocks up more easily.

I feel like a big weight has been lifted from me. This idea was in my mind's eye for almost 3 years, every single day. As my eyes opened each morning I saw the hideous soffit that revealed all of the original trailer and added pile up of materials. It was like looking at sedimentary layers of rock with foam insulation oozing out from between them. My hanging wire sculpture by artist Sasso, foundly named empty man, only made it a focal point. At last I have a more pleasing sight.

I just wish these photos weren't so lousy. They simply can't communicate my utter delight and how it really looks good. Really.