H53: Hippy Hobbit House

I am smitten. I am so in love with this Welsh Home and the plans to form a community of these in Whales, I could just wet myself. She who is a non-consumer, who doesn’t feel she lacks for much of anything . . . Well she wants big time. If I could have a bit of a hillside and materials I would dedicate my life to building this humble home. What a hippie.

All credit goes to Misty at Shakesville for pointing me to this website.

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Rosa said...

That is enticing, isn't it?

After learning from her blog that author Suzette Elgin Hayden lives in a (family-built) underground house, I was moved to do some underground and earth-sheltered research.

Turns out I live right near where a center for underground building research used to be (University of Minnesota) and our public library has a lot of their publications - mostly from the 80s.

It makes me want to go visit all the sites showcased in those books. At least one (Seward Townhomes) is near us, and I know they gave up their earth roofs at some time in the intervening time because of leakage issues. I'd like to see how the other structures have fared. But I'm a little shy to just knock on doors.