G45: Green Onions and Guava

Such excitement I could dance . . . Finally I thought I would be writing about food from my own garden. It could be my first 100 foot diet meal – or portion of a meal. But, yesterday I plucked some of the small green onions from my raised bed and found that they were sort of mushy or water logged. Now, the initial excitement that something was growing in my garden bed is replaced by disappointment. Maybe it is because I’d dumped the full contents of worm poo from my wormery onto the raised bed last autumn and then covered it all in black plastic. I just don’t know.

Then I decided I could salvage a bunch of onions by pulling away the outer parts. I was going to fix a lentil dish with these onions for Tuesday night dinner. Mini-crisis means I had to fix this in my crock pot, so it wouldn’t be ready for dinner. Adding rice to it will replicate one of my favorite Lebanese dishes. It is served with dollop of yogurt as garnish.

The disappointments continue . . . The guava is still hard as a rock. I found that I don’t know enough about this fruit I got at the Farmer’s Market. I didn’t buy a ripe enough couple of pieces. So back into the brown paper bag for a few more days. I also don’t know how to prepare guava. I looked at recipes and the deserts and drinks didn’t appeal to me. Only one recipe for a cheese and guava samosa looked good. But I just don’t want to go buy all of the other ingredients. So, this will have to be an ongoing experiment. I suspect I will simply cut the fruit and eat it when ripe.

Best-laid plans . . . and all that. Then there is this bit of bad luck.

I found that my Mr. Induction cooker was broken. I unplugged it to plug in my food
processor. When I plugged it in Monday night it lit up like the dashboard of a car. But nothing was on but the lights. I know that this technology is different enough that finding someone to repair it is out. Hell, standard technology still doesn’t mean a person can find a repair place. Thing is, I love that induction cooker. It heats really quickly and things cook in half the time of electric or gas. ONly the pan heats, it turns off itself if it overheats, it is cool to the touch moments after it turns off. I love it. Grrrrr . . .

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