G47: Girl Goop

A 100% reduction achievement would be to list the products, procedures and services I call Girl Goop below and declare them all out of my life. Not so much.

  1. nail polish
  2. hair spray
  3. foundation
  4. blush
  5. tanning booth
  6. cellulite cream
  7. false nails
  8. false lashes
  9. hairpieces
  10. hair permanent
  11. hair dye
  12. hair rollers
  13. hair accessories
  14. nair
  15. tampax
  16. ky jelly
  17. birth control pills
  18. perfume
  19. cologne
  20. bikini wax
  21. wrinkle cream
  22. toner
  23. breast implants
  24. facials
  25. estrogen cream
  26. razor
  27. lipstick
  28. lip gloss
  29. lip liner
  30. eyeliner
  31. eye shadow
  32. mascara
  33. tweezers
  34. facial cleanser
  35. wonder bra

There are some great new sustainable versions of the above ‘required’ items for menstruation like the Diva Cup. Being past that fertile (or interested) stage, I admit ignorance of any recommended birth control. I still can get cranky about the fact that old men can get erectile dysfunction solved, yet there still isn’t safe, effective birth control. Aaaaargh.

Full admission here. . . Even though I am no longer young, many of these products I never used or used infrequently. I often felt more like a drag queen if I tried to get made up for a big event. It just felt like playing house. That is no doubt why I was drawn to the images from Pricilla, Queen of the Desert, Divine and Rocky Horror Picture Show when writing about this.

The Women’s Liberation movement came along at a perfect time in my life. I was being cajoled into thinking I needed all sorts of assistance to ‘be a woman.’ My older (by 18 months) sister and my younger (by two years) sister both seemed to delight in the potions and cosmetics. But I felt put-upon about the girlie stuff that changed every season. As a feminist I found my own voice, my own way of saying no to that push. I have no idea why my sisters and I reacted differently to the advertisers or to the feminist voices. Since those days I have often felt the need for some girlie goop. I am grateful it didn’t happen more often or more expansively.

The frugality of just not buying all these products or services or procedures was a major reason I persuaded myself to avoid it all. I still use lipstick, eye make-up and the occasional ‘product’ to help my hair curl. I even have a bag of curlers I can turn to after letting my hair grow out too many months after another haircut is due. Other than that I just can’t get excited about all the products out there, no matter how sustainable, sensual, inexpensive or honest.

Having said that, I will still say that the Anita Roddick - Queen of Green, Body Shop founder is a hero of mine. She is missed.

Yet, five years ago I hit a really vulnerable patch and I actually started believing I should consider plastic surgery. The high paying job ended and the only good part of that is I got a brisk splash of reality in my nip and tuck daydream. I suspect I would have roused myself, but I can’t be sure. I shudder.

In the above list I own about nine items. Maybe in another post I will mention what they are. Suffice it to say I have achieved a serious carbon reduction for not using or eliminating 26 of them. But, hey I am ravishing without the accoutrements. Hawt! (A nod to the fire element, ahem.)


Susan Buhr said...

Hi Kate,
Have you noticed that the plastic surgery commercials and magazine articles are making it seem like just a different version of mascara? Because you're worth it....

Anything that requires anesthesia should not be considered akin to nail polish.

I think I reached a major girlie milestone a month or so ago. I got carded in a restaurant by a little snip of a girl (I could have been her mother) and instead of being flattered I was annoyed. Instead of wanting to appear young I wanted to own my age. I got these wrinkles the hard way, dammit, and they're mine. Of course, now and then, they surprise me.

Great pics!

Raw Food Diva said...

I just found at my ripe ol age that a good red lipstick can really perk me up. I buy it from the health food store.