F37: Fuel – teh maths

At the center of all that is driving (no pun intended) the world’s climate crisis is the ravenous need for oil, for fuel, primarily for transportation, plastic production, farming and manufacturing. This short video is from Groovy Green’s “How to Boil a Frog: Peak Oil. This is the last of the three part series titled, part III EROI.

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Riot for Austerity Update:
Gasoline. Average American usage is 500 gallons per person, per year. A 90 percent reduction would be 50 gallons per person, per year.

My own fuel use is miniscule right now. I filled up the 12 gallons November 13 and 92 days later I have a little under half a tank (maybe 5 gallons) left. Sadly, if I were biking my tank would be practically full. The American average with a 90% reduction would be a little less than a gallon of fuel a week. Mine is happily about 1/2 of that, so this is a victory.