Bible Reading

I just read a post over at Shakesville by Melissa McEwan about this being National Bible Week. I find it repellent that our do nothing congress critters are spending the day reading aloud from the bible - and it isn't even a filibuster. With the seriousness of our current national breakdown of all systems and supports for the people, and with the mandate the voters gave these elected critters, it is a criminal waste of time and tax payers money.

But, I must put up the best comment I have read so far:

I have a degree in biblical studies from a conservative Christian college. I preached. I worked for Billy Graham for a time. To this day, I read the Bible, and about the Bible, probably more than is good for a person. And the one thing I can say is, the Bible is simply not very good. It has moments, surely, but with several centuries of editing and polish, even a Michael Crichton novel might be readable. It is not impressive literature. The only thing I can say in the Bible's favor is that re-reading it, and really getting into it, is chiefly responsible for my atheism, and what a freeing, glorious thing has been. To step out of the cramped, airless and sunless room of religion into the wild and fresh spaces of reality has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Thank you Bible, for helping me understand how risible are our petty ideas about gods.

I feel this says it best for me. I read the bible several times, I wrote in my own words what it was saying to me. I made this spiritual investigative lifestyle my focus for years. Like Greg above, it helped see the freedom of my atheism.

P.S. Greg's comment also triggered for me a deeply embarrassing memory. I confess to to the toobz - I once liked Michael Crichton's novels. Shudder.

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