I finally cleaned. My deep mental pit had an escape hatch this weekend - via scrubbing the floors and hanging out laundry and putting away clothes and keepsakes. I packed these things frantically during the Southern California Wildfires and then let them sit around (packed) for weeks. It's simply ennui for me. This PostSecrets card really cracked me up.

I'd like to pay some respect to the PostSecret Blog as it was voted Best Blog for the 2007 Weblog Award. This is blog worth checking each and every Sunday - I do. I believe that the creator has tapped something primal in the modern citizen. Among other things, it is a deep need to interact with others, the weight of guilt and self-contempt and incredible creativity.

The story behind the creation of this blog is a fascinating one. The creator visited Paris in 2003, had a dream about postcards and acted on the impulses of this dream. Go to the site to find the details of this experience. The process continued . . .
In January 2004, I started the "reluctant oracle" project. Every Sunday, I created an released a new work to be discovered. They were discovered by people serendipitously. The story found local, national and international media coverage.

The last message from "reluctant oracle" bore the message, "You will find your answers in the secrets of strangers." The next Sunday the PostSecret began.

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LF said...

I caught the NPR interview with the author a couple years ago and had to have the book. I had no idea PostSecret had a blog too. Thanks. I'll be reading.