Hump Day for National Bible Week

My thanks to Portly Dyke at Shakesville for a brilliant bit by Ricky Gervais.

Xtians might have more credibilty if this wasn't the tenor of the day in the Congress of the United States.

Jeebus. As I said about our political system last week , there is way too much to be done to be wasting taxpayer's money reading. Besides, this lot is a writhing mass of congressional concupiscence. Please pack up your bibles and go home.


Thom said...

Sorry, but I just don't want to have to think about writhing repuglitheocrats . . . ;)

In other news, interesting fortuity in your posting the No Impact Man material, yeah? Thanks. I look forward to reading it. (And, yes, to answer your question, I did wander over here from Shakesville. Good people, those Shakies.)

katecontinued said...

Ya'll come back, y'hear?

Thom said...

And now the closing credits to The Beverly Hillbillies are reeling through my mind . . .

Your apartment is 278 square feet? Do I read that right?

katecontinued said...

Yes, 278 sf for inside dimensions. I have a '73 mobile home I gutted with an add-on. Through the course of this next year I will be showing parts of it because I think it works well. Interior design and space planning are my field - so I take use of space pretty seriously.

When I saw your name at Shakesville I decided you were Thom Hartman just checkin' out the blogs. Correct?

Not-the-cool-Thom said...

This is going to disappoint you, I suspect.

I'm not that Thom.

I'm the other Thom. But I do give good radio voice (not saying anything about whether I have radio face as well).

Are their pics of the place available? I'm intrigued.

Thom said...


Not "their." These papers I'm grading are getting to me.