Monday Screaming, Monday Outrage

A Question of Impeachment: Staceyann Chin. “A Question of Impeachment”, presented by the New York City theatre group, Culture Project, can be watched on the group’s page on YouTube. The tagline for the show is They took it off the table so we put it on the stage - Trial by Theater.

Thank you for raising your voice. The time is now.

Today at Common Dreams I read Beth Quinn:
I am stunned by those same people who want to shut me up, shout me down, spew viciousness into my telephone because I exercise my own right to speak. They are so confused, these people who believe in free speech until someone says something they disagree with.

I am stunned by those who say, “He’s our president, so he deserves our respect.” No he doesn’t. He deserves our fury for bringing shame to the presidency and embarrassment to Americans around the world.
Sometimes, those of us who continue to be outraged by this administration sound like a broken record, even to our own ears.

We keep singing the same tune while our critics say enough is enough.

But that the same old tune has to be sung as long as Bush continues to wage the same old war against America’s poor and shrinking middle class.

We have to keep singing. I have to keep singing.

But what I’d like to know is, where is the chorus?

There are 421 days ’til Jan. 20, 2009.


T said...

There's a rabbinic story about Jonah (of whale fame), whom G-d sent to Nineveh to preach repentance. Unlike in the biblical version, in this story the citizens of Nineveh don't repent. In fact, they openly mock Jonah for weeks and months on end. One day a Ninevite sees Jonah, doggedly preaching repentance. He asks Jonah, "Why do you keep preaching? Don't you see you'll never change us?" And Jonah replied, "When I first came here, I preached so as to change you. Now I continue so that you do not change me."

katecontinued said...

That pretty much speaks exactly to the intent of my posting. Thanks for that, Thom.

BTW, why do change your id at every comment? I don't get that.

Thom said...

Because I'm a Gemini and easily bored, even by Gemini standards?

Because I want you to think people are flocking to comment here?

Because . . . fuck if I know?

At any rate, glad the story fit. And you're welcome.

katecontinued said...