Political Kind of Day

Although I haven't yet figured out how to handle the progressive politics within this blog about making my green plans, I confess I am a political junkie. Today the new Attorney General Mukasey was officially sworn in and it is a vile thing in my humble opinion.

This illustration from darkblack says it best for me.

It is a fact that my desire to survive the overwhelming depression, even despair, with this country's utter degradation via the reich wing descent into torture, imperial terrorism worldwide and at home as status quo with the complicity of the corporate media has prompted my search for a revised, personal raison d’ĂȘtre.

Throughout these Bu$h years my own political sensibilities have heightened. I discovered the internet blogs following the 2004 election debacle. I even threw myself into the 2006 elections. But, criminal behavior everywhere going on without prosecution – even ignored by the mainstream as news and unregarded by public discourse has seriously affected my spirit. And, since spring and summer I no longer have any confidence in the Democratic Party.

Turning away from a direct political path to change, I am looking towards a simple way of living to grapple with my role, my life. And identifying myself as an American is no longer a point of pride. I have deep shame for my country. I am reaching out to my place in humanity instead. There are a lot of old habits to change. Politics have a place somewhere in my changing life – although I can’t say where, what or how right now.

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