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Besides the great purchase I made earlier this month of a toilet lid sink, I have been eyeing other products to assist me in a no impact lifestyle. At the top of my list here is a solar oven from the same people I got my sink. Now, I know I could make a solar oven, but I would prefer not to have a homemade one. Next, I’d like to have a washer that uses very little water or detergent and no money or power. Not one of these things that follow is needed in my life, but all of them would help me save water, energy and money. A bike should be number one on this list. But, I’d like to postpone my discussion until I borrow my neighbor’s bike for a test run and do some more research.

Sport Solar Oven

This lightweight 10 lb oven concentrates the renewable heat of the sun to effortlessly (and deliciously!) roast meats, steam vegetables, bake breads and cookies, and prepare rice, soups and stews. Requires only minimal sun aiming to cook most foods in two to four hours.

The complete kit includes two black cooking pots, solar reflector (for an increase in temperature on cold or cloudy days), oven thermometer, water pasteurization indicator and recipe book.

Oven dimensions are 12"H x 27"W x 16"D (not including reflector)
Take a look at some useful questions and answers at Path of Freedom recently.

$150 plus $23 shipping from Peddler’s Wagon

Wonder Washer

Wonder Clean is the ideal washing machine to use in any place. It is virtually for everyone. It washes in the same way as the best electrical washing machine, but it does it so much more quickly and easily. How it works: It is neither MIRACLE nor MAGIC - It is SCIENCE. The principle of operation is based on the physics laws of pressure and heat. The hot water heats the air inside the container. The heated air "tries" to expand but is prevented so by the hermetically sealed container. When the expansion of the air is prevented, the result is that the pressure is built up inside the container. This pressure causes the soap and water to penetrate forcefully through the garment and the stains are released. Turning the container causes the previously released stain to be removed from the garment.

$ 43 plus shipping from Laundry Alternative

or $47 plus shipping from Emergency Essentials

Lastly, I was so excited with this controllable flush product and was ready to purchase it when I looked more closely at the figure and the description. It is made to convert a toilet with a front-flush. Alas, mine is a side flush. I offer the information to others who might be able to take advantage of this simple design.

Controllable Flush

Convert your standard toilet into a low-flow toilet -without tools or a plumber- and save up to 35,000 gallons of water a year. Because not all flushes need to be the same, the dual-action Controllable Flush controls the amount of water you use to flush waste matter. Push handle down for a conservative 1.5 gallon flush for liquid; lift for a powerful flush for solids. Easily retrofits to standard front-flush toilets.
12.5"H x 5.5"W x 2"D. 5 oz. USA.

$36 plus shipping from Gaiam

Oh yes, about gifts. I don't expect to receive these gifts this year (or any year) because I don't give them. My friend gets me something - despite my being open about non-consumerism, rejection of the forced generosity of the holidays, blah, blah, blah. But, she usually selects something that has touched her in some way;e.g., something she has seen that makes her think of me or our friendship. My mother and I have an agreement. She and I used to send each other checks because we wanted to allow each other the option of selecting what we wanted (for our $25). On top of this, we both have December birthdays - so this check exchanging could happen twice with attached greeting cards. Last year I said to her we should just leave out the banking/checking portion and just share with each other what we purchased.

So, I will probably be gifting myself and that's fine by me.


lamarguerite said...


You probably already know this, but I would like to mention the water displacement trick for toilets, using plastic milk bottle filled with pebbles. Cost: zero. And it works!

katecontinued said...

Good one, the simple things count. BTW, I would like to let you know that I am probably going to switch my setup here in the next week. For the next month, and probably longer, I am going to be less open with my blog. This is new to me, so be sure and email me if there is a glitch.

I have studied many of the blogs I visit regularly and see that this practice is followed by the majority I frequent.

kd said...

More could be added to this list.