What digby said . . .

This morning was encouraging in one way . . . the following ad.


katecontinued said...

I feel I must comment on my own post. Digby is my hero. Voted the best writer in blog surveys in the first several years of my introduction to reading blogs. The expression "what digby said" was born out of this fantastic talent at expressing what millions of us our feeling.

Then the great reveal came this last year. Digby was a woman. What a wonderful joy for we women. The blog to check out is called Hullabaloo.

This video features on quick blink of a shot showing Digby sitting behind the Oval Office Desk typing on a computer notebook.

In the progressive feminist blogging world this is an optistic image. I love it, so I want to go on record with my adoration of this articulate woman.

Of course, Digby is only one of so many stories within this really brief video. A beginning?

katecontinued said...

I hate dumb spelling errors. "what millions of us are feeling." ahem