Tipping My Hand

Today on my daily Shakesville stopover I made a comment on a guest blog by Frugal Fag. The post was about stocking up and survivalist fears.
I've got Blackwater and the Pacific Ocean right outside my door - so safety is out the window. Not only that, as Grumpy Old Man writes - I have Mexico a stone’s throw away and they are drowning and starving. Thanks to ├╝ber-nature and NAFTA, life is increasingly a living hell. The racism waiting for them on this side grows more and more frightening.

Meanwhile, I started downsizing more than a decade ago. The freer I am from bondage to the corporatists or crap lifestyle choices the better off I am. In fairness, this consumerist lifestyle has been going on for decades. I am slow to wean myself, but years ahead of those oblivious to their own vulnerability. It becomes more than survival, it becomes a simpler, more natural way of living. That is different than a survivalist credo of self only (a different version of greed).

Shoot me if living with survivalists is the only option.
katecontinued | 11.07.07 - 3:44 pm | #

This is my first public mention of my intent to blog about a green life. Today I also let my best friend know. I told my kid yesterday. So, it is out. Frankly, I was disappointed the kid and the friend didn't leave a comment. Oh well, it isn't like I said anything very profound. My friend asked if I was going to talk about my worms. Yes, the time to discuss the worms is indeed a part of my future blogging.
Oh yes, there is also this added pressure, following my comment Melissa McEwan wrote, "I can't wait for this!"

BTW Art is a Natasha Mayer photo from Common Dreams. Please visit her biography and wonderful collection.

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