This morning’s news is about those old white men who spent last night at a YouTube debate trying to out-hate and out-bigot each other. This makes my morning choice of music appropriate.

From Howie Klein at Crooks and Liars:
Biblical scholars know the concept of the Jezebel spirit as reference to women, usually painted ones, who supposedly lead weak men astray. Fundamentalist preachers often refer to the Jezebel spirit when they want to cast aspersions on any woman with whom they disagree. In 1981 Talking Heads frontman David Byrne and producer Brian Eno (formerly of Roxy Music) recorded a groundbreaking album, My Life in the Bush of Ghosts which featured the underground hit, “The Jezebel Spirit.”

I had to lose the video because there were problems loading it. Take a leap to Crooks and Liars to hear it.
If I had to choose the one album I could have in favor of any other it would be My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. I love this album and I have listened to it thousands of times since 1982. For me, it isn't about a woman (poor Jezebel) as much as a thundering fucktard who is terrified of her. These images are new for me, pretty spooky mental images and not my style. Nevertheless, I enjoy this sound again.

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