Call to Arms

There have been four primary resources for my new commitment to change my lifestyle, to make my own green plan and to challenge myself and others to do more with less. Today I am thrilled to share the following video of really inspirational bioneers, the Path to Freedom website. Today they featured their story via this incredibly motivational video.

I intend to refer back to this video frequently in the upcoming year.


daharja said...

I posted the same video on my blog. Loved it.

It gives me hope to know that we can make changes in our lives that can have so much impact. This family has made great changes, and the impact is encouraging me, over in Australia!

Butterflies are flapping their wings :-)

katecontinued said...

Good luck on your elections this week. Drop by again after the elections and let me know how the results affect Australia's environmental outlook.

daharja said...

Whichever party wins, I suspect the green policies will be a matter of too little, too late.

Neither party wants to upset the coal industry, the loggers, the miners, or Big Business generally. Which pretty much guarantees rubbish green policies.

However, Labor have guaranteed that they will ratify Kyoto without delay if they win. Only years too late. That will leave the USA on its own. Of course, Kyoto is outdated and ineffective, and the ratification will give Labor an excuse to do nothing more except build ruddy great big pulp mills, but what ele can you expect, when the population can't be bothered protesting?

In the meanwhile, the water restrictions get worse, the agricultural sector is devastated by the 'drought' (the government won't call it 'climate change'), and the whole of our economy is being loaded into the one hope basket of the mining boom.


Sorry if this sounds depressing. I just hope The Greens do well. But most people are more interested in who will give bigger tax cuts than in a planet with clean water and air, and more species than humans on it.