Why Blog? - one explanation

I like to reminisce with people I don't know. Steven Wright

More and more I find that there is nobody around me to speak about what really matters to me. In many ways this might be an good thing. I might possibly find essential life issues, basic human experience the core of this conversation - rather than national, familial, regional, racial, class or gender differences blocking interactions, perceptions. Could be. That actually presumes a very open mindset and I am probably more closed than I realize. After all - I'm an amurkan. Gah


Anonymous said...

Thinking about being more green- (or is it greener?- also is it butt naked or buck naked?) I ask these questions of the blogger.

Anyway I was looking into solar and got a rough estimate on a website. It told me that my area (Colorado)is great for solar. We get sun most days of the year. Installation would cost $63,000, save about $900 a year, provide %50 of my energy and pay for itself in 23 years. Only one incentive applies in form of federal income tax credit of $2000 which is in danger of being left out of up and coming energy bill. All the above is pretty daunting. Keep in mind this is a rough estimate. Reality could be different.

The hot water heater idea is more feasible-costing roughly $1500 to install.
comment courtesy of Roseretired

katecontinued said...

I can't believe that at first glance I read your name like tired rosary. Duh.

I think it is green, and butt naked.

This solar idea is so exciting. The neat thing about the water heater is that is baptism into the alternate energy world. You will instantly become the expert. Neat.

The estimate seemed high at first glance. The solar installer I did drawings for last year got his whole solar array system for about half of that and then got another half of that back from the state. But, then I realize he did his own installation and this is California so it could easily be comparing apples to oranges.

It made me very happy to read your comment. Thanks for doing that Roseretired.